About Us

Since the founding of Sidor in 2009, we have been working for the benefit of our clients every day. That is why we offer European quality, competitive prices, reliability, timeliness and convenient delivery terms for our products. Sidor Packaging Company has a reputation for producing high quality and affordable packaging materials. We have achieved this in 12 years of conscientious work. We care about our employees - they all have decent working conditions.

The packing company "Sidor" under any conditions fulfills its obligations to customers and partners. This is achieved due to absolute honesty and transparency in work, personal responsibility of each employee, attentive attitude to the little things. We deliver products of European quality on time and do not hesitate to settle accounts with our partners.

High quality is achieved due to the latest equipment, which is installed on two automated production lines, which were installed in 2012 , 2013 and 2020. We constantly take care of updating the equipment - this allows us to increase the quality of our products and their volumes.
We make products from recycled materials, they are recyclable and biodegradable - thanks to our products, your city or village will become cleaner. Our products are certified and comply with all standards and TUs of Ukraine in the field of ecology and production of packaging materials. Our production processes are also environmentally friendly.